Get Straight Teeth Up To 50% Faster With Propel

One of the first questions we are asked prior to a patient starting orthodontic treatment is “How long will I need to wear my braces?”

get straight teeth faster with braces at turke orthodonticsIn an effort to provide the latest in orthodontic technology to our patients, we are pleased to offer Propel in our Tampa orthodontics office and our Brandon orthodontics office. Propel offers orthodontic acceleration by working with a patient’s own biology. Through a series of micro-osteoperforations, the bone surrounding the teeth is stimulated, helping the teeth to move more efficiently into their ideal position. This process moves teeth 50-percent faster than teeth treated using braces or aligners alone.

Some orthodontic treatment times have even been cut by 60 percent — a significant reduction!

For a beautiful smile in half the time, ask Dr. Turke about the benefits of Propel for your treatment.