Gold Braces in Brandon, FL

Make a Fashion Statement
with Gold Braces in Brandon, FL

Want to truly celebrate your decision to get braces? Go for gold! Turke Orthodontics is pleased to offer you a fun, unique way to achieve your new smile. Our beautiful gold braces in Brandon are crafted with the durability of the stainless steel used in traditional metal braces, but coated with a 24 karat gold overlay.

Why Choose Brandon Gold Braces?

gold bracesEffective – The distinguishing cosmetic option of gold braces has the same advantages of traditional, “tried and true” metal braces. While some people consider metal braces to be antiquated, today’s metal braces are smaller, sleeker, and far more advanced than they were ten years ago. Conventional metal braces may not be the quickest or newest method of straightening teeth, but they can often be the best option for optimal results.
Distinctive – You make a “wow” statement when you choose our gold braces in Brandon. Some people find that the gold color is a more appealing blend with the color of your natural teeth over the classic silver. Other patients prefer the warmth and luster of the gold color to the silver color of stainless steel braces. Or you may simply enjoy the attention that comes with your unusual choice! Whatever your reason is, choosing gold braces may suit your individual fashion sense or personal style along your journey to your bright new smile.
Affordable – While 24 karat gold braces may be more costly than the regular metal type, they are comparable in price to other more advanced option to metal braces, such as clear or self-ligating braces.
Alternative – In some cases, an allergy to nickel – a component in stainless steel – may be the reason a patient is looking for an alternative option.

Your Preferences Are Our Priority at Turke Orthodontics

While we know many patients may be more interested in our discreet methods to straighten their teeth, such as Invisalign, for the patients who want some added bling to their orthodontic treatment process, we say, why not? When you come to our office for your complimentary Turke Smile Assessment, we will review all your options for braces, including gold braces in Brandon, FL. No matter which method you choose, Turke Orthodontics stands by our ongoing commitment to provide every patient with innovative, high quality orthodontic care.

Want to Learn More About Gold Braces in Brandon, FL?

We invite you to take advantage of your FREE Turke Smile Assessment at our orthodontic office in Brandon. Schedule your appointment today by calling 813.603.1636 or clicking here. Your complete assessment will include an office tour, digital x-rays, examination, and a personalized consultation with Dr. Turke. We look forward to seeing your celebrity gold smile!