Invisalign Teen in Tampa & Brandon, FL

The Clear Alternative To Braces – Without
Wires & Brackets

invisalign teen in tampa and brandon fl
Invisalign Teen in Tampa & Brandon, FL, is a practical and highly sought-after course of orthodontic treatment. There is no longer any need for your teen to feel self-conscious about wearing metal braces, to be concerned about playing a musical instrument or participating in athletics, or even to worry about how metal braces may affect his or her social life. No more worrying about pictures for quinceañeras, homecoming, prom, or the yearbook! Invisalign Teen is a clear, removable, more comfortable alternative to metal braces.

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InvisalignTeens1-300x205Invisalign Teen aligners are similar in design to adult aligners, but they are designed to leave room for the continued growth of your teen’s molars and have built-in compliance indicators. In order for your teen to have a positive end result, the aligners must be worn for 22 out of 24 hours per day. The compliance indicators are blue dots that begin to fade with wear and are a great way for both you, as the parent, and Dr. Turke to be assured that your teen is following the prescribed treatment.

The aligners are made of a smooth plastic, with no poking wires or broken brackets to cause discomfort or emergency trips to the orthodontist. Because the aligners are removable, your teen can brush and floss as normal to maintain a healthy smile. Also, Invisalign Teen® in Tampa & Brandon, FL, will replace up to six free individual aligners, should your teen lose one.

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