acceledent-2There are many ways to transform your smile, and your Brandon, FL, orthodontist now has more tools than ever to accommodate you and help you reach your goals. There are several accelerated treatment options available if you want to see improvement even faster!


A hands-free medical device that is used for just 20 minutes daily at home during orthodontic treatment, it complements your fixed braces or clear aligners to speed up your smile transformation.

With its exclusive SoftPulse Technology,® Acceledent applies precisely calibrated micropulses to accelerate the movement of your teeth and complement your orthodontic treatments. These gentle pulses safely and gently speed up tooth movement. This breakthrough device accelerates orthodontic treatment time by up to 50% and also decreases the discomfort associated with treatment.

Acceledent is cleared by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is available by prescription from your Brandon orthodontist.


Propel uses a process called Alveocentesis, which uses advanced technology to stimulate the bones around a tooth or teeth. This bone remodeling leads to the growth of new bone tissue, an important part of accelerating orthodontic treatment. Gaps, misalignments, or tooth overlap can be corrected more efficiently when this procedure is used along with traditional orthodontic treatments. Your Brandon, FL, orthodontist can use this technique to reduce your treatment time with braces by half or more.

This procedure can be done right in your local orthodontics office in Brandon, FL and is completely pain-free!


The benefits of accelerated treatment include fewer maintenance visits and a generally shorter treatment with your Brandon orthodontist than for patients who opt simply for traditional braces.

For more information on any of these accelerated treatment options, please call our Brandon, FL, orthodontics office. We’re here to help!


At Turke Orthodontics in Brandon, FL, Dr. Turke takes great pride in providing you with the best orthodontic treatment options by having the most advanced technology available, including retainers after treatment. With Turke Orthodontics you can enjoy treatment times up to 50% faster than with traditional metal braces. We provide so many options from Invisalign to Propel to Acceledent. During a 100% no-obligation and 100% complimentary Turke Smile Assessment we will assess your or your child’s unique mouth.

Turke Orthodontics in Brandon, FL understands the importance of making braces affordable. That is why we offer several affordable and flexible payment plans for braces including 0% interest!
When you are ready, click here to schedule your Turke Smile Assessment which includes a comprehensive exam, personalized consultation, and more ($250 value, yours free).
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