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Children’s Treatment with No Wires, No Brackets, and No Discomfort

invisalign teen in tampa and brandon fl
Phase I treatment, also known as early intervention or interceptive orthodontic treatment, typically starts with children who have a mixture of baby teeth and permanent teeth – normally between the ages of 6 and 10. If your child’s teeth are still growing in but they are already facing straightening issues, the solution may be the results-driven technology of Invisalign. For growing teeth, that means Invisalign First in Tampa & Brandon, FL.

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Invisalign First is used to correct the positioning of growing teeth and offers unique features for dental arch expansion and creating room for incoming teeth. It is only available for growing children and can be used to address orthodontic conditions, such as: invisalign first

  • Narrow dental arches
  • Bite problems
  • Spacing/crowding
  • Tooth protrusions or interferences

In addition to advanced Invisalign technology, other benefits of Invisalign First for your child include:

  • Easily removable, so they can brush, floss, eat, play instruments and sports
  • More comfortable than braces, due to no brackets or wires
  • More aesthetic look than traditional braces 
  • Free individual aligner replacements 

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