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Top 7 Things You Must Know Before Choosing an Orthodontist

What Makes Turke Orthodontics Different?

extensive orthodontic experience

Extensive Orthodontic Experience

Dr. Turke, Brandon and Tampa, FL’s favorite orthodontist, is specially trained in the most up-to-date advancements in orthodontic technology and, since 1991, has helped thousands of patients in the Tampa Bay area of Florida to successfully complete their orthodontic treatment and achieve the amazing smile that they have always wanted.

flexible office hours

Flexible Office Hours

In addition to offering virtually no wait times, Turke Orthodontics also offers appointments both before and after your work or school day for your convenience. Ultimately, your time is valuable to Dr. Turke, and he wants to make sure that committing to orthodontic treatment is as convenient for you as possible. When you choose Turke Orthodontics, you are choosing an orthodontics office that is committed to convenience and flexibility!

we care

We Care

From the moment you walk through the door at Turke Orthodontics, you will know that we care about you and your orthodontic treatment. From a friendly smile and greeting to answering all of your questions, we treat you like family every step of the way.

family discount

Family & Sibling Discounts

When your family has multiple siblings in need of braces (or even when mom and dad need them), you will be glad you chose Turke Orthodontics! Dr. Turke knows the investment of a beautiful smile can add up when you have a big family. To make sure that no smile gets left behind, Turke Orthodontics offers family discounts for each member of your family who starts braces and orthodontic treatment.

retainers included

Retainers Included

After your teeth are straightened and the braces come off, it is important that you receive retainers in order to maintain that beautiful new smile. When you commit to your orthodontic treatment fee, your retainers are included! Dr. Turke understands the importance that a beautiful smile can have in your life and wants to ensure that you will keep that beautiful smile for a lifetime!

virtually no wait time

Virtually No Wait Times

At Turke Orthodontics, we value your time and will do everything we can to respect it. From virtually no wait times and keeping time spent in the office to a minimum to choosing a treatment option that will help save you time over the long haul, we always strive to reduce the amount of time that you must spend on successfully completing your orthodontic treatment.

Read & Listen To What Some Of Our Happy Patients Are Saying…

“Dr. Turke provides outstanding Orthodontia care to his patients. My sweet daughter’s teeth grew in her mouth at appalling angles, so we started with Dr. Turke early. Today, my daughter’s teeth are lovely thanks to Dr. Turke’s hard work. On a more practical level, Dr. Turke is punctual, so I was never kept waiting forever to get in for my daughter’s appointment. If my daughter broke a bracket or popped a wire, Dr. Turke’s office always worked us into his schedule in a reasonable time. Finally, our dental insurance did not completely cover the expense of her care, so I really appreciated the payment plan Dr. Turke offered. I am delighted to recommend Dr. Turke to anyone needing orthdontic care.”

– Ronda S.

ronda review

Dr. Turke is the BEST! My family and I have been coming to Dr. Turke’s office for the past 5 years. I was so impressed with the work he did on my children’s teeth, I came back to have Invisalign treatment done on my teeth! His office hours are convenient and the staff is courteous and efficient, so I’m on my way quickly without having to miss time at work. He will work with you to determine the right treatment plan and has multiple options. He determined traditional braces would be the best for my son, but my daughter and i have benefited from the simple and easy to use Invisalign process. I love the results with my Invisalign. Dr. Turke is honest and professional and operates with the utmost Integrity. I have had a great experience with Dr. Turke and I know you will too!”

– Jamey R.

jamey review


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