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We have gathered some unbelievable patients over the years for whom we have been driven to provide only the best in orthodontic services. Here are some of the kind words they have said about us.

Online Reviews of Our North Tampa and Brandon, FL, Offices

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“We are so thankful for Dr. Turke and his staff! Both our children have received excellent orthodontic care. Our son’s teeth look beautiful after wearing braces! Dr. Turke was also able to correct our son’s maladaptive bite. Our daughter had an overcrowded mouth (too many teeth), and her teeth look lovely after wearing an expander initially and then braces. We highly recommend Dr. Turke to anyone!“
– The Shindels best orthodontist in tampa fl

“Thanks Dr. Turke for giving me a straighter, prettier smile in less than 7 months and offering a flexible payment plan so that I could easily fit this into my budget! I couldn’t be happier with my smile now! “
– Gracie gracie review

“After having had a bad orthodontic experience in my teen years and spending a substantial amount of money and time, I was skeptical about venturing into another potentially negative experience in regards to straightening my teeth. I learned about Invisalign through Dr. Turke, who patiently took the time to explain that this time-tested and trustworthy method would not only straighten my teeth, but would also correct my bite. Dr. Turke was able to assess my condition and devise a plan that, once initiated, made a huge difference in my smile in only two and a half months. I am looking forward to seeing the finished results! I’m thankful for Dr. Turke’s caring approach and for his expertise in giving people back the self-confidence that a nice smile can generate.”
– Jorge C. jorge review</p> <hr> <p>“My 13 year old daughter was a patient of Dr. Turke. She had an overjet and a crossbite, but after her orthodontic treatment she now has a beautiful smile! We are so grateful to Dr. Turke!”<br /> <em>– Faye T.</em> <img src=

“We are so glad that we chose Dr. Turke to lead us through the process of braces for our son. The individual time he gives each of his patients is exceptional. He was never in a hurry to explain things and walk us through each change at each visit. The office atmosphere is great too, very calming and never a long wait for your appointment. Dr. Turke’s prices are very good and they were willing to work with us with many different payment plans. We were very happy with the service we received. I would highly recommend Dr. Turke to anyone!!”
– John and Kathy M. john and kathy review

best orthodontist in brandon fl“Dr. Turke provides outstanding Orthodontia care to his patients. My sweet daughter’s teeth grew in her mouth at appalling angles, so we started with Dr. Turke early. Today, my daughter’s teeth are lovely thanks to Dr. Turke’s hard work. On a more practical level, Dr. Turke is punctual, so I was never kept waiting forever to get in for my daughter’s appointment. If my daughter broke a bracket or popped a wire, Dr. Turke’s office always worked us into his schedule in a reasonable time. Finally, our dental insurance did not completely cover the expense of her care, so I really appreciated the payment plan Dr. Turke offered. I am delighted to recommend Dr. Turke to anyone needing orthdontic care.”
– Ronda S. best tampa fl orthodontist

“Dr Turke is the BEST! My family and I have been coming to Dr Turkes office for the past 5 years. I was so impressed with the work he did on my children’s teeth, I came back to have Invisilign treatment done on my teeth!His office hours are convenient and the staff is courteous and efficient, so I’m on my way quickly without having to miss time at work.He will work with you to determine the right treatment plan and has multiple options. He determined traditional braces would be the best for my son, but my daughter and i have benefited from the simple and easy to use Invisilign process. I love the results with my Invisalign.
Dr Turke is honest and professional and operates with the utmost Integrity. I have had a great experience with Dr. Turke and I know you will too!”
– Jamey R. best brandon fl orthodontist

“We are thrilled with the end result of our braces and Invisalign and I encourage you to have a consult with Dr. Turke if you are considering orthodontia work for your family.Turke Orthodontics provided excellent care for my children and me over the past 5 years. My son and I had lnvisalign and my daughter had conventional braces.Dr. Turke is a very caring, patient and trustworthy doctor. He does all the x-rays, teeth impressions, before & after photography himself and explains why. When you’re considering braces sometimes it can be overwhelming to think about the time and cost; rest assured Dr. Turke is always, always on time and sometimes he is waiting for you!
Dr. Turke’s assistant, Christine Reidy is always ready to work around school and work schedules and does a fantastic job of explaining procedures and payment plans. She is wonderful to work with.
Budgets are tight these days and Dr. Turke has payment options that work for families. I wish that I had consulted with him long before my actual treatment because I didn’t think it was a possibility for me.
ln our experience we started as patients and ended as friends. lf you or someone in your family needs braces I would recommend Turke Orthodontics. Excellent people, excellent care and excellent outcomes.”
– Kelly S. kelly review

“Dr. Turke has put braces on 3 of our children and we are back with a fourth. Our experience has been great every time. None of our children have had any problems with their teeth since their braces have come off. Dr. Turke has been quick to see us and fix any issues that we have had. I have recommended many people to Dr. Turke over the years.”
– Steven & Arleen C. arleen review

“I would highly recommend Dr. Turke and his office staff if you are looking for an orthodontist. Dr. Turke has treated all 3 of my children with wonderful results. Appointments are very quick and easy, as I am able to schedule appointments before or after school. My children are complimented often for their smiles!”
– Amy M. best orthodontist in brandon fl

“Dr. Turke has provided orthodontia services for all three of our kids. He is honest, kind, very professional, and easy to work with. He doesn’t try to push unnecessary work but will tell you what he thinks needs done. Christine is a pleasure to work with as well. They always have time to make you feel special. In 6 years of appointments, we have never had to wait on an appointment. They are always on time and are respectful of your time as well. We have been very pleased with the outcome of his work, as well. Our kids have beautiful teeth!”
– Bill bill review

“No words can ever say thank you in a way that would fully relay how much I appreciate what you have done for me. I was amazed that Invisilign could correct my “train wreck” in one year. What a wonderful blessing to not be aware of the appearance of my teeth. Before I was self-conscious when speaking face to face with an individual, interacting in a group or speaking in front of a large group. Just after my initial visit with you a relative sent a picture of me and their son laughing at the table of a restaurant and the crooked teeth were quite noticeable. I was so embarrassed and then thankful that I was already in process of getting them straightened. I’ve enjoyed coming to your office and listening to praise music and Christian radio – I always felt uplifted even when I didn’t know the song that was playing. Thanks for the great atmosphere which reflected your faith and love for God. This was one of the reasons I chose you for my orthodontist.The main reason I selected you to do this important correction was that you took time to clearly explain the who, what, when, where and how. You answered my questions and repeated information without making me feel awkward for asking about something you’d already explained. You were the best – hands down – and Gregg and I noticed that immediately!Christine has also been a strong plus – always pleasant, helpful and comfortable expressing her faith. Her voice is the first one connected with your office and the same for her smile. She is a real keeper and I like her.
It has been a pleasant journey. Getting to know you and your heart for ministry is special to me. You are a man of God and I really like the person you have chosen to be. The friendship that has formed means a lot and once again I thank you for investing in me.”
– Clintene B. clintene review

“Dr. Turke has treated three of our children and we are so thrilled with the results. We appreciate his kind and gentle manner with the kids. Dr. Turke has taught each of them to care for their teeth and navigate the challenges of life with braces. Thanks Dr. Turke!”

– Mike and Dana B. mike and dana review

“We knew it was time to get braces on Christina’s, my daughter’s, teeth. So, she made a list of names and numbers of all the orthodontists in Brandon and some in Tampa and we proceeded to make appointments with all of them. To us, it was going to be a commitment and relationship during the process and from what we heard, it was probably going to be 2 years worth.Some days we saw several professionals. Christina brought her toothbrush along so she could brush before each visit and after their inspection of her mouth, we had a few of our own questions to ask.It was important to Christina that she could talk to the doctor about her concerns. One doctor refused to look at her and answer her questions was easily dismissed before we even hit the car. Another one we visited was irritated that she was “interviewing him” for the job was likewise dismissed as quickly.Some doctors had others doing the work of twisting the wires instead of themselves. A few had absolutely no personality at all and it was business as usual. And during this search, we interviewed Dr. Turke. He commended us on doing a great job of searching out not just a capable orthodontist, but one that understood it was about the relationship as well. It’s not just about the money, but there is a big difference financially as well. And when HE called US to find out how our search was going—we knew he was the man for the job!! You see, there has to be a caring and concerned human being in those sterile gloves as far as we are concerned. And we found out how talented and capable he was in correcting Christina’s teeth, that when Alex was ready, Dr. Turke worked on him as well. Now, Dr. Turke is currently working on Derrick’s teeth and doing an amazing job. I refer everybody that asks for a good orthodontist to Eric Turke.
I thank God for Dr. Eric Turke because not only did he take the best care of my children, he took great care of me as well. He went beyond the music in his office and shared with me about his faith. Like the woman at the well, he gave me the water of life, and for that I am eternally grateful. We love you Eric Turke!!”
– Joy P. joy p review

“Dr. Turke has treated all three of our children. He is kind, caring, and the results were spectacular.”
– Patrick E. tampa fl best orthodontist

*The reviews on this page are from actual patients of Turke Orthodontics. Individual results may vary. Reviews are not claimed to represent results for everyone.