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orthodontist near bloomingdaleWhether you’re looking to schedule an appointment with an orthodontist for the first time or you’re considering switching orthodontists, you are probably concerned about finding the best one. But what does that mean, exactly? Our orthodontist near Bloomingdale is here to explain a few factors when you’re searching for the best orthodontist in your area. 


If you have a certain type of treatment in mind, then you should consider that during your search. For example, some doctors offer discreet options such as Invisalign, clear braces, or behind-the-teeth braces. Check with the office when you call so you know that they offer your ideal treatment when you go to the initial consultation. Also, if you have other concerns, like a severe misalignment or TMJ disorder, make sure that the doctor has experience fixing those issues as well. 

Customer Service

The first impression the staff makes when you call the office is important. This is an indicator of how you’ll be treated when you come in for appointments. Generally, you’ll be coming to the office frequently, so interacting with the staff should be pleasant!

Additionally, when you book your consultation with the orthodontist, be sure that you feel comfortable with their bedside manner. If you feel rushed, or like you don’t have enough time to ask the necessary questions, it’s a bad sign. Remember that you’ll be dealing with this doctor throughout treatment (and after!) so it’s critical that they treat you with respect and take time to make you feel comfortable.

Payment Options & Ongoing Care

A caring orthodontist will understand that patients want to achieve their perfect smile but may have issues with insurance or paying up-front. Inquire whether they accept credit cards for orthodontic procedures or offer an in-house payment plan.

In addition, ask about future appointments. Ongoing care, like checkups and cleanings, are incredibly important, as you will likely continue to be a regular patient after your orthodontic treatment.

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The information provided in this article is not meant to be medical advice and is for educational purposes only. If you would like to learn more about this and other topics related to orthodontics, feel free to contact Turke Orthodontics, with a convenient orthodontic office near Bloomingdale by clicking here or by calling 813.603.1636

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